A synergic group,
between experience and innovation

The Group

Pegaso Industries was created in 2019, as a coordinated management holding, from the synergistic union of 5 Italian companies and 5 foreign subsidiaries that, in less than 25 years, succeeded in conquering the market of plastic material processing systems.

Pegaso Industries coordinates the general administration, strategic marketing and human resources, as well as the security and IT services for all the group companies.The group includes historic companies such as Plastic Systems, Pet Solutions, Blauwer, Ergomec e Steel Systems, that produce iron and steel components.

Pegaso’s solidity and concreteness emerge from its numbers: 



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Our companies

Plastic Systems

Plastic Systems is an Italian concern that has emerged as one of the international leading designers, manufacturers and sellers of machinery to be employed in the sector of plastics processing.

It has considerable in-depth knowledge and experience in the sectors of  dehumidification, plastic granules transportation and  the mixing and processing of plastic polymers in general.

Our companies

PET Solutions

PET Solutions has been an international leader in the field of plastic processing machinery and of PET and RPET resins for more than 25 years, with a specialisation in systems for the beverage sector.

The company offers a wide range of products for the dehumidification, drying, storage, feeding and transport of virgin and recycled plastic material. 

Our companies


Blauwer Spa operates in the national and international markets with a series of innovative thermal machines suitable for industrial processes.

It designs, manufactures and sells highly efficient thermodynamic machines capable of treating fluids such as water and air for industrial cooling, heating and air dehumidification processes.

Our companies


Ergomec Srl designs and manufactures turnkey plants for the storage, handling, batching and mixing of bulk, powder or granular raw materials. The realizations are aimed at optimizing industrial production processes.

Our corporate structure is complete to operate both in the domestic market and worldwide. We possess in-house all the necessary resources to respond in a timely and precise manner to the needs of our customers, wherever they are in the world.

Our companies

Steel Systems

Steel Systems Srl is a young company established to meet the quality and timing requirements of a top-tier clientele. In about a decade of history, it has been able to best combine the metalworking experience of its employees with continuous technological development through the use of automated equipment. Steel Systems uses technologically advanced machining processes such as: laser cutting, robotic welding equipment, robotic bending equipment; again in the field of steel processing.

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Pegaso Industries and its brands

Pegaso Industries coordinates the general administration, strategic marketing and human resources of the historic Plastic Systems, Pet Solutions, Blauwer, Ergomec and Steel Systems brands. 
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