The Pegaso Group comprises 5 Italian companies and 4 foreign subsidiaries. 

are a brand of Pegaso Industries

Plastic Systems Srl is a Pegaso Group company that stands as an international leader in the design, production and marketing of auxiliary machinery for plastics processing.

The company is characterized by in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of dehumidification, conveying of plastic granules, mixing and processing of plastic polymers in general.

PET Solutions Spa is a Pegaso Industries SPA group company with more than 25 years of history that stands as a leading international company in the field of plastics processing machinery.

The company offers a wide range of products for dehumidification, drying, storage, feeding and transport of plastic material. Each series features a wide variety of models that differ in size, power and dimensions. This, combined with the versatility and production flexibility that have always distinguished the company, enable it to adapt to the different needs, types and applications required by customers.

The company operates both in the domestic market and worldwide, possessing in-house the necessary resources to respond to customer needs in a timely and precise manner.

Blauwer Spa operates in the national and international markets with a series of innovative thermal machines suitable for industrial processes.
It designs, manufactures and installs highly efficient thermodynamic machines capable of treating fluids such as water and air for industrial processes such as:

  • cooling alone
  • heating alone 
  • cooling and heating together; 
  • air dehumidification.

Ergomec Srl designs and produces turnkey systems for the storage, handling, dosing and mixing of powdered or granular materials in bulk. Its products are designed to streamline the industrial production processes.

Its corporate structure is perfectly suited to operate on both the internal and the world market. Indeed, the company employs all the necessary resources to address the needs of its customers anywhere in the world in a timely and precise manner. 

Steel Systems Srl is a young company that was established to meet the quality and time requirements of premium customers. In almost a decade of history, it has been able to combine the metalworking experience of its employees with continuous technological development through the use of automated equipment. Steel Systems used technologically advanced machining processes such as laser cutting, automated welding systems, automated bending systems; all in the field of steel processing.