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The company philosophy reflects proper competitiveness, which has enabled it to create and maintain a worldwide reputation and success. 



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President's Message

Our entrepreneurial adventure began in 1994 from a small workshop in the centre of Borgoricco and, looking back, it is incredible to think how far we have come in these 28 years. Today Pegaso Industries has become an international reality that sees us among the world leaders in the field of auxiliary machinery for the treatment and processing of plastic materials, comprising 9 operating companies and more than 500 employees worldwide.

The core principles that have guided the company since its inception are RESPECT, ETHICS, PRECISION and INNOVATION. It is with these values that Pegaso Industries has been able to firmly establish itself in the market, growing steadily and sustainably.

Our goal, and our raison d’être, has always been to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and dynamic society, through limitless research and continuous technological innovation. In fact, what differentiates us is the design and realisation of special (and turnkey) plants tailored to the customer’s needs, as well as a complete price list for series machines.

As a further step towards the creation of value for all stakeholders, we have embarked on a path towards defining an approach increasingly in line with the theme of sustainability, working on the development of systems for optimising energy savings and processing recycled plastic materials. Even the upgrading of lines in the production areas and the adoption of management software for daily operations have been designed with an environmental-friendly perspective, with a significant improvement in performance and consumption.

In the years to come, Pegaso Industries has the opportunity to reach more people and more markets around the world. To this end, we will listen carefully to the various voices both inside and outside the company and give top priority to the following areas: quality assurance, organisational culture and governance.

At the same time, as well as realising a well-balanced business management of the three areas of growth, profit, efficiency and reliability, we will return to our fundamental principle of addressing social challenges through our activities and reaffirm the realisation of sustainability as a cornerstone of our management. Based on this approach, we will pursue continuous improvement of our corporate value and fulfil our responsibility to society, our customers, employees and all other stakeholders.

We know that in the next decade the market will evolve faster than ever before and will become increasingly competitive, but we are convinced that we can achieve the goals we have set ourselves. We know our capabilities and our determination, and it is thanks to them that we can look to the future with confidence.

Il Presidente – Ing. Rinaldo Piva

Our values

For oneself, for others, for the job, for the environment in which we live.

Which means competence, punctuality, being responsible and reliable.

In our interactions inside the company and with all stakeholder.

Ongoing improvement and creation of new solutions to fulfil the expectations  of the international markets.

The group

Address the market with competence, intelligence and technological innovation and offer products that allow our customers to perform their job and effectively improve their production processes. 

The group

To create the best products in the global plastics ancillaries industry to drive the transition to a more sustainable world.