Pegaso Industries will participate at the Plast 2023 exhibition, which will take place in Milan from September 5th to 8th.


The Plast exhibition, held in Milan, is one of the most important events in the international plastics and rubber industry. This trade fair serves as a meeting point for professionals, experts, and industry operators from around the world, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations, technologies, products, and solutions in the field of plastics and rubber.

Among the various solutions exhibited, the following will be presented to the Italian market:


New continuous loss-in-weight dosing system DUG.2 Series – It represents an advanced solution for dosing plastic granules, offering absolute accuracy with a precision of 0.1%, even at low production rates. Thanks to its patented dual load cell solution, the dosing system ensures precise control, with the first cell dedicated to dosing and the second providing additional accurate control. With the DUG gravimetric dosing system, recipe changes and cleaning operations are simplified to ensure greater efficiency in the production process. Additionally, the dosing system is designed with an inclined axis, which promotes better material fluidity and contributes to uniform distribution during dosing. The dosing system is equipped with an integrated control panel and color display directly on the unit, allowing easy monitoring and control of the dosing process. Remote control functionality is also available for the dosing system. The calibration of the DUG gravimetric dosing system are performed in auto-learning mode, further simplifying setup operations and ensuring greater accuracy in material dosing. Finally, the DUG gravimetric dosing system is equipped with a complete static mixer, which allows for homogeneous and uniform mixing of the dosed materials.


Exclusive hybrid multimaterial dosing solution DGB/BK Series – Revolutionary innovation in the industrial dosing sector. Designed as a hybrid multimaterial doser, it is ideal for medium and high productions. What sets the DGB/BK doser apart is its ability to dose different materials, including PET, TPU, EVA, PR, PU, and even cork. This patented solution has been developed exclusively for a renowned footwear manufacturer known for its constant pursuit of quality and precision. Equipped with an on-board electrical and electronic control panel, it ensures efficient management of the dosing process. The flexibility of the DGB/BK doser is evident in the various configurations available, allowing for dosing of up to 8 different materials. This feature makes the doser suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, providing greater versatility and ease of use.


Mini compressed air dryer DAC Series – The small DAC series dehumidifiers represent the perfect solution for dehumidifying hygroscopic polymers in small-scale productions. This series includes seven dehumidifier models, with hoppers ranging from 2 to 100 dm3, suitable for productions up to 30 kg/h. With the microprocessor control equipped with a keypad and LCD display, the operator can easily manage the dehumidification process. A key feature of these machines is the integrated molecular sieve unit, which allows for greater efficiency in the dehumidification process. Furthermore, the management of the process air is done through a modulating valve, ensuring precise and optimal control. The operator interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with only two parameters to set: the type of material and the desired hourly production. This makes the use of these dehumidifiers extremely accessible even for less experienced operators. Another strength of this series is energy efficiency. The machine automatically adjusts the air flow based on production, avoiding the risk of excessive drying of the polymer. The anti-stress function prevents material degradation caused by overdrying.


New rotor dryer DWC Series – The DWCompact models utilize rotor technology and feature an integrated design that includes the hopper and feeding system in a single mobile and compact solution. These rotor dehumidifiers are equipped with sophisticated management software that allows for total adjustment in energy consumption and process efficiency, simplifying operations in all phases of dehumidification and control. This range of machines consists of five models with air flow ranging from 20 to 280 m3/h and dew point down to -50°C. They can be used individually next to the machine or centralized for the preparation of different materials controlled through a single color touch screen panel. An important aspect of these dehumidifiers is the material level control system, which uses load cells to read the transformer machine consumption and automatically adapts to production. The operator simply needs to select the type of material to be treated from the database and the desired hourly production, making the machine’s use simple and intuitive. Thanks to the process stability offered by these wheel dehumidifiers, precise and reliable control can be achieved, ensuring the quality of the treated materials and optimizing overall production efficiency.


New Generation dryers Series – The new generation dehumidifier represents a remarkable advancement in dehumidifier technology, offering significant improvements in the quality of rPET materials. This cutting-edge solution is designed for use with EFSA and FDA certified resins, ensuring compliance with the industry’s strictest regulations. One of the distinguishing features of the New Generation dehumidifier is its double filter system, which allows for a 47% increase in filtration capacity. This not only improves the quality of rPET materials but also optimizes maintenance operations, ensuring greater overall efficiency. Thanks to the patented new process design, the dehumidifier’s fans reduce energy consumption by 15%. This result is achieved by positioning the fans after the drying towers, optimizing the airflow and reducing energy waste. Another significant advantage of the New Generation dryer is the larger size of the heat exchanger, which offers a 45% increase in cooling capacity. This helps maintain rPET materials in the ideal condition during the dehumidification process. Finally, the dehumidifier achieves a remarkable overall energy recovery of 25% by eliminating the need to install an oil condenser. This not only reduces plant and energy costs but also improves the overall efficiency of the system. With all these improvements, the New Generation dryer establishes a new standard of efficiency and performance in the dehumidifier industry. Offering increased filtration capacity, reduced energy consumption, improved cooling, and energy recovery, this dehumidifier stands as an advanced solution for the rPET and certified resin industry.


Air-cooled condensing unit AIPP Series – The AIPP Medium series offers efficient and reliable solutions for the refrigeration process. It has been developed with R290 refrigerant gas (propane), known for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP), contributing to reducing environmental impact. These chillers are equipped with high-efficiency semi-hermetic compressors on each cooling circuit, working in synergy with a brazed plate evaporator and a finned copper condenser. This combination ensures high energy efficiency throughout the cooling process. The range of models in this series operates at a discharge temperature ranging from +5°C to +25°C, offering a wide choice to meet different production needs. The cooling capacity ranges from 65 kW to 325 kW, allowing for a wide range of industrial applications. The AIPP Medium series is equipped with high-efficiency axial fans, featuring a flow straightener and speed regulation. This allows for optimizing the airflow and further improving the energy efficiency of the system. Finally, these chillers have an insulated and pressurized storage tank, which helps maintain the stability of the process fluid temperature and ensures reliable operation over time. The programmable control allows for precise chiller management, with the ability to monitor alarm history. Additionally, a remote control version is available for added convenience of control.


We look forward to seeing you at the trade fair, Hall 24 Stand B/C 41/42.